Wall Covering Customisation is the new standard with our Colorado 1650 printer - Multiprint Solutions

Wall Covering Customisation is the new standard with our Colorado 1650 printer

Wall covering is a rapidly growing business within the interior design world and Multiprint Solutions UK have been supplying wall coverings to our clients for many years. Wallpaper, murals, and other large-scale décor elements today represent an exploding global market, according to Canon.

Wall prints using our Canon Colorado 1650

The current trend towards more personalisation of various applications is strongly reflected in the way people decorate their living environment. This leads to an increasing demand for exclusive and personalised products for interior decoration, both for personal spaces as well as in business environments.

This offers fantastic growth opportunities to expand your business.

Digital, done right

One of the biggest drivers of this growth is the transition from traditional to digital printing. Digital printing shifts the focus from large production runs of standardised designs and small profit margins to small runs of unique products with much larger profit margins.

Quality is key

However, one thing is crucial in this market: Quality is key. With Multiprint Solutions Being the first UK Printers to own the new fantastic Colorado 1650 known for its quality, speed and versatility, with UVgel technology is a perfect fit for this market.

Canon has developed a technology that offers odourless prints that combine a very rich colour gamut with a velvety matte finish, which is preferred by many interior décor specialists and we couldn’t be happier with the performance and first class results and so too are our clients.

For more information on wall coverings, wall prints, custom made wallpaper and any other printing needs get intouch with us know to find out more, get a quote or book your job in with Multiprint and see what our Colorado can do for you!


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